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This workshop is a specialization course in line following and precision robotics.

Line following is an upcoming activity in the Indian Robotics Scenario. Almost every other college technical festival offers a problem statement based on line following robots. But, its application is not just limited to robotics competitions. Line following is an important ability in industrial robots too.. we will see a day when autonomous automobiles run at your command..

This workshop covers advanced line following techniques. Grid Solving/ Line maze Solving are all derivatives of the line following robot. These derivatives will also be covered.

Stepper motors are an important part of robotics. Precise Open Loop systems can be achieved best by stepper motors. This workshop will give you a detailed exposure to stepper motors. We will focus specially on the use of stepper motors for the purpose on line following/ Grid Solving.


The concepts that will be covered in the 2 day span are:-

Introduction to Line Follower Based Robots

  • Autonomous Robots
  • Need for line follower based robots
  • Basic Funda
  • Industrial applications

Introduction to the AVR Microcontroller

  • About AVR
  • Features of AVR
  • Programming AVR

I/O ports

  • Configuring and using the I/O pins of the AVR Microcontroller
  • Simple Switch/LED based activities


  • Different Actuators used in robotics
  • Special attention of stepper motors
  • Unipolar/Bipolar Stepper Motors
  • Working with Stepper motors
  • Acceleration/deceleration of stepper motors


  • Different sensors used in robotics
  • Detailed discussion of line sensors
  • Using Line sensors

Line Following:

  • 2 Sensor line follower
  • 5 sensor line follower

Grid Solving

  • Junction detection
  • Exact turning
  • Grid Navigation


  • Using AVRs inbuilt ADC
  • Colour Sensing using Line Sensors

Overview of RoboLiga Competition

  • Discussing problem statements
  • Finding solutions
  • Algorithm discussion

The kit:

All of the circuits designed and discussed during the course of this workshop will be assembled and implemented on a specially designed rapid robotic development platform. This kit includes all the necessary tools and components to build a self-contained autonomous robot.

The kit shall consist of the following:

  • 2 Stepper Motors with compatible wheels
  • AVR iBoard Development Board with serial cable
  • 9VDC Power Supply
  • 5 Line Sensor array
  • Robust MS chassis
  • Necessary tools
  • Pre and post workshop training material

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