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About the Conference:

The strength of indigenous technology in various fields is the key to success of any nation. In the recent years, rapid advances in Electronics & Communication technology have made remarkable contribution to the growth of new Electronics & Communication Systems. To appreciate these advances and to significantly contribute to the future advances of these systems, a critical appreciation of the underlying technology underpinning is a must. This National Conference is aimed to bring the working professionals, researchers, faculty members, industry and academia to a common platform to share their views, knowledge, achievements and advancements in the field of Electronics and Communication. It will give exposure to the participants of NCSPCS about the recent trends and the challenges ahead in the field through invited lectures by the experts and papers presented by the delegates.


Delegates will be accommodated in various hotels in Guntur on advance payment. Students may be accommodated in the college.


Topics of interest though not limited to:

  • Signal, Speech & Image Processing
  • Wavelets & Applications
  • Wireless & Cellular Applications
  • Optical Communication & Networks
  • Nano Technology
  • VLSI in Communication Systems
  • Micro Controller / Embedded System Design
  • Bio informatics & Instrumentation
  • Antennas
  • Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks
  • Global Positioning System

Paper Submission:

Email Submission of full length paper is required as per the following guidelines.

A4 size paper not exceeding six pages, Font: Times New Roman, Size: Title–16, Subtitle – 12, Text–11, Margins: 2 cm on all sides, double column with 0.5 cm between columns, single space, use MS-Word.

Important Dates:
  • Full length paper submission	     :  06 Feb, 2010
  • Intimation of acceptance    	     :  10 Feb, 2010
  • Last date of registration      	     :  17 Feb, 2010
Send your papers to ncspcs2010.ece@gmail.com (or) ncspcs2010@rvrjcce.ac.in

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